Wings of faith: Bumblebees 🐝 lift up the Sunrise 🌅 to another peak – Thomas Chuah (Alpha)

There’s been a lot of buzz around the grade 3 Bumblebees group lately. Bzzzz!!!

For the past few months, we’ve been quietly incubating a small group of boys and girls to become the next wave of young leaders. In January, we took a bold step forward with these rising stars. We asked Hanson and Angelynn to lead their own online partner time with the grade 1s (Presley and Ellena). They gladly accepted their mission to play the role of big brother and sister.

Hanson has now held two fellowships. He felt nervous about leading the partner time. However, we could see he did his best to bless Presley. He even prepared a gift and bookmark to express care to his young partner. One result of this partner time is a closer bond between the two. Presley has expressed genuine joy about this new arrangement.

Angelynn also treasures her new role as a big sister. Before one of the fellowships with Ellena started, Angelynn was actually outside with her parents. However she asked to come home early because she felt that the fellowship with Ellena was important. Hearing this news touched me. I’m glad to hear that Angelynn takes this shepherding seriously and has a heart to bless others.

Personally, seeing this new arrangement gives me hope for the Bumblebees. I’m glad that, from a young age, children can see they play an important role in the church. They’re not just coming to meetings to receive from others, but they have a lot to give as well. We hope to raise up and encourage more rising stars to contribute to the sweetness of God’s family.