Why do I have to go to the 5 hours fasting prayer meeting? – Cody Leung

“Why do I have to go to the 5 hours fasting prayer meeting?” I asked myself. What can I do in 5 hours? I can do many things, right? Even if you study for 5 hours, you will feel that it is too much for you. But I chose to come to the prayer meeting because I want to be more close to God. I really have the desire to be close to Him.

Enjoy God’s love

There were many times I have forgotten the reason of coming to this church. When going to church has become a routine exercise and worshiping has become looking at the ceiling, I knew something was wrong. You can actually feel it.

From that meeting August 24, I realized that the way that I was drawing near to God was wrong. Also, I know that I do not just pray for the sake of praying. The reason I pray is to communicate with God and enjoy God’s love. The keyword is to ENJOY. If we don’t know what we are doing, we cannot enjoy doing it.

As a result, I am glad that I have participated in the meeting. I enjoy the time to pray with brothers and sisters. The most important thing that I concerned is not how long the meeting is, but it is the things that we have gained in the meeting.

Actively love God

The other thing that I have learnt is to actively love God, especially during worship. We do not just stand there passively to listen to prayers from brothers and sisters. We have to express our love to the Lord by voicing out loudly. When I pray about having the courage to voice out, I realized that there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes, I worry because I am not very good at expressing my feelings. I am too self-conscious in what the other people think. That’s my problem. But actually praying and worshiping is just between the Lord and me. So all I need to care about is what the Lord thinks. But the Lord would always be happy when I draw near to Him. So I could really enjoy being with Him day and night.