What a blessed summer it has been…and more to come! – Winnie Ng

Aug 9, 2015
Since the beginning of summer, the sisters in my group gather every Saturday for personal time, partner time and team time. Just recently I reflected on all the gains that I have received from a few simple changes that have attracted my heart to draw near to God even more each week and I would like to share them here:

1. Time – when time is limited it always makes me worry whether I can finish it or not, but I learned to lay aside this worry and move on to enjoy the essence of worshipping and praying, I move on and gain more!
2. Action – I learned to set myself free for God is with me! I lift my head, lift my arms, voice out and use all that I can to help myself focus and express myself to Him!
3. Partner – a partner who can help overlook one another to help each be more focused during personal time, but also helping me gain more through partner worship and sharing. Realistically, there may not always be a physical partner throughout the week to be there but sharing through text or phone has been a great benefit to me.

I found that once I reviewed everything and remembered to practice it all together, I realized the affects it had on me and everyday I’m excited to draw to God even more whether its a short or long time period. What a blessed summer it has been and more to come!