Weekend trip to Calgary – Jenny Lee (Promised Land)

It was my first time visiting Calgary, and it was nice that the children I met were all pure and easy to approach. One boy seemed quite sweet too. However, the next day when I visited his home, he only wanted to play on his device and wouldn’t stop. I had limited time before my flight and had thought of giving up after several attempts to engage him. Right after, I was notified that my flight was delayed for an hour. This gave me a signal that the Lord wanted me to spend time with him. I asked the Lord for help and was able to find a way to get him engaged, and we played together. I discovered he often felt lonely and bored by himself, so he would play on his device most of the time. I knew that it was the Lord who remembered his needs. I showed him how I talk to the Lord when I feel lonely and he followed! This trip helped me to see the needs more clearly, and I look forward to going back to continue supporting the work there!