We have hope about ourselves! – Katy Lee Law

My husband Samuel and I were chatting the other day about our very different personalities, our strengths and weaknesses. I was touched to realize that it doesn’t matter who we were before, nor how many weaknesses from our past we may still think we have. We are both and all on the same path to glory. God can use all things for good. We just need to work together with Him to help Him transform us more and more into His likeness. I look back at how I used to be 18 years ago when I believed in Him. The transformation so far is incredible. He has used all circumstances and experiences and people around me to mold and glorify me. And the process continues. I can’t imagine how different and glorious I will be when He returns…even before He gives me a resurrected body! He reminds me that whoever and however we are now, we can always be full of hope about ourselves (and brothers and sisters), because we have Him!