We Are Walking Out the Way of Everlasting Revival – Stanley Chau (Faithful Team)

I was very encouraged to meet the team from Zambia after one year; I saw that they have become more mature mentally, physically and spiritually.

In the camp I witnessed the changes of brothers and sisters when they experienced the closeness of the Lord. The worship training helped us to have the right direction towards God and to use our spirits more so we could express to God from our hearts.

We understood what it meant to have God drawing close to us, and we experienced the fullness in our hearts in the worship. Brothers and sisters gained more motivation to walk out the truths that we shared in meetings, and they wanted to draw near to God more and more.

Seeing the fruits of this camp, I am more confirmed that this everlasting way to experience God deeply is what everyone needs and what God seeks. We need to consider more and plan with love how to help everyone to understand and practice.

The Lord prepared a team for the revival in Zambia and Africa through deep spiritual experiences. They are now firm to follow the Lord and they can share their personal experiences with their people how to practice to experience God deeply.