Water activities and lunch at Deer Lake – Tiffany Kwong

Summer is coming to the end, but the weather isn’t cooling down in Vancouver! This Sunday, the Crystal and Sapphire groups and new friends went to Deer Lake for pot luck lunch and boating. It was so abundant because everyone’s dish was so unique and delicious! After lunch we took the chance to kayak, canoe, or paddle boat in the lake. Everyone had a good workout from paddling. Before it all ended; we we had a water fight! One of the finishing touches was to target MingMei, the birthday girl, to get all wet and it was a success!

During our time at Deer Lake we got to talk about the church activities to the friends. The friends were impressed with the arrangements made with this event that they want to continue to come to future activities, such as the up coming Yard Sale on August 28. We have the passion to bring new friends to get to know the Lord. Thank the Lord for blessing us with warm weather and beautiful scenery.