Visit to the Church of God in the Bay Area

Mar 6-8, 2015 – Sermon, Violin, Doris, Tuhien, Wai Ying and Keon visited the church in the Bay Area. It has been over 10 years since a Vancouver team last visited. In this trip, we shared about the Lord’s work in the past 10 years all over the world through the blessings of the charity work. Many were touched and the team was even more confirmed of God’s great work and commission. Though it was just a weekend visit, yet we were able to have a spiritual training meeting, a charity presentation to new friends and brothers and sisters (a donor was touched by the work in Myanmar and donated $10,000 US!), a bread-breaking meeting, a message meeting, and even a coworkers’ meeting. Such abundance in one weekend! May the Lord bless His work in the Bay Area!


探望 Bay Area 教會

湘文、Violin、Doris、Tuhien、Wai Ying和Keon一起探望 Bay Area 教會,距離溫哥華團隊上一次探訪至今,已經超過十年。這一程,我們分享過往十年主透過慈惠工作上的祝福,帶出在各地的作為,大家都很感動,團隊也更確認主的作為和託付。雖然只是短短一個週末,我們舉行了心靈追求訓練聚會和慈惠工作分享會(其中一位朋友深受緬甸的工作感動,捐出美金一萬元!),也有擘餅聚會、信息聚會,甚至同工相聚,實在是一個豐盛的週末!願主祝福 Bay Area 的工作。