Vancouver Trip – Bryan Wong

Give thanks that I was able to spend a few weeks in Vancouver. The week before I arrived, I faced multiple enemy attacks: my grandmother and dad were in the hospital, my car was stolen and my other car was hit. I was not sure if I could still make it to Vancouver. Thankfully, everything became smoother since I arrived.

My biggest gain in this trip is to have a stable schedule. For the last 2 years, because of my shift work I was not able to. This is the longest break I have had since I started working. I really desire to wake up early to join 7 am phone sing and other meetings. In the past, I knew that having a stable schedule would benefit me, but what’s different this time is that I really wanted it. Therefore, I was determined to wake up early and sleep early because it’s not possible when I am working. I enjoyed it so much and feel like my capacity was able to increase in a few weeks.