Unsearchable Riches of Christ… – Tuhien Trieu

Recently I have entered deeper into the unsearchable riches of Christ through personal and team worship. There are some factors that have helped me. One is to lay aside all things and focus on the Lord. My mind is clearer and easier for the Holy Spirit to lead my meditation. Also, in my meditation, I consider the Bible truths related to the thought I’m thinking and I experience the Lord leading me to deeper understanding.  

For example, during one team time, I was thinking about the word “infinite” after we sang the song about the Lord is more real than all things. As I consider, I realize that this word can only belong to the Lord. He even revealed this while He was on earth; He turned water to wine, fed 5000 people with 5 bread 2 fish, raised Lazarus from death, healed the sick, calmed the sea, said He has living water that never thirst. Wow, He is indeed infinite in might, power and glory. Yet most touching is that He is filled with infinite love towards me. He is so great, yet I can feel so close to Him because of His endless love. Much more is that the infinite Lord is in you and me! Not only are we satisfied but overflowing with joy!

Therefore, worship based on truth and in spirit can deeply satisfy both God and us!