Unforgettable Moments in Vancouver – Jerry Zhang (Promised Land)

As I look through the photos during my stay here in Vancouver, I am reminded again of why I love this place so much. It is because of the wonderful people in this Church. In particular, the brothers and sisters in Promised Land really made me feel at home. I remember being impressed by how responsible they were whilst taking care of the children at Summer Day Camp. I recall working together in unison to get our themed t-shirts printed before the Family Fun Day. I smiled when I thought of the games, sports, and laughs we have had. I also reminisced about the times we came before the Lord together. It is rare to find a group of youths that is so willing to seek and follow the Lord. Many of them I did not know before coming to Vancouver, yet in a brief time, I already felt so close to them, as if we were childhood friends. We really lived out the oneness of the Church.