Trying my best – Amy Deng

Before I gave birth to my son, I had heard a lot of advice from various brothers and sisters with children. The one that kept repeating in my mind was, “Although times may get tough, try your best to do what you should”. Each day, when I feel tired and not in condition to worship or pray, I ask myself, “Have you tried your best to do it yet?” And on Tuesday evenings when the sunshine coworkers come together to pray on the phone, at times I would be tempted to just relax and skip it. I know the sisters would understand that it is challenging and tiring to look after a baby. However, the question of “Have you tried your best?” would come to my mind again. For the Lord, I really ought to try my best, to live everyday well – to be close to Him, and to consider the things above. Although it isn’t always comfortable to “try my best”, nor would anyone blame me for not doing this or that, I know in my heart that I could continue to strive harder for the Lord. And to be honest, though I feel more tired physically, my heart is joyful and satisfied when I do my best for Him!