Trust and follow! – Tuhien Trieu

On Aug 3, I was asked in the afternoon to change from supporting the High School group (Sunshine) to the campus sisters (Crystal). Then on the same day, during coworkers’ meeting, it was confirmed and effective that evening. In my life, I never changed group so fast in one day. I trusted the leader’s (Violin) suggestion as it made sense. They need me to help the harvest in campus as fall is coming soon. I was already comfortable and happy to see the improvement among the Sunshine group. Therefore, it was difficult for me to leave them but I need to move on to support more. Thank God that the coworkers in the Sunshine group have improved a lot and can take up more (You can see there improvements through their blog write ups).

The Crystal group was big and we split into another group (Sapphire). They welcomed me with humility and joy. Our priority was structure/groupings, praying and team building and pursuit. In a short span of 1 1/2 month, the Lord expanded our territories. We have about 6 new believers (average of 1 per week)! Coworkers have improved and young believers are getting ready to get baptized. New friends keep coming every week! And all the coworkers agreed that the expansion did not bring burden but it felt joyful and manageable. The Lord knew the needs and sent me to support. From this experience, I learn that the Lord is ahead and when we trust and follow His guidance, many will be blessed!