True Strength is from the Lord – Katy Law

For this year’s Summer Day Camp in Light and Love Home, I have been very involved in the planning and managing process. Right before the day camp began, I was already afraid that I would not be able to handle the busyness that was about to come.

Give thanks for the arrangement of team time before and after the duration of summer day camp. These times conditioned me to lay aside all the things that I need to take care of to spend time with the Lord. Every time I went before Him, I felt His closeness to me. Even though my physical body may be tired from the long day, I felt strengthened inside to continue and my burden felt easy and light. My worries of not being able to handle my responsibilities was gone as I truly trusted that the One in me is there for me and with me!

Moreover, this attracted me to live before the Lord always. During the times when I did have to face my responsibilities, my focus was more towards the Lord than the task. By this, I feel so joyful to work with the Lord. He is my best team mate, partner and friend! I now have the strength and capacity to handle what I need to do!