Treasure the Unity With Brothers and Sisters – John Leung (Mighty Team)

I had deep feelings during the recent Friday night meetings when we talked about unity of the church.  I know that I’m not alone as a Christian, as I have experienced brothers and sisters’ continuous encouragement and support.  I also knew that I’ll be with the church for eternity, but I now realized that this is no longer just knowledge.

I initially felt awkward during the worship practice when I looked at a brother in the eye with a smile, but I treasured him more after expressing my gratitude or blessing him in my heart.  After the message, memories I have of each brother or sister surfaced when I told them that they are my dear brother or sister and expressed my gratitude towards them.

One memory of unity between brothers was especially precious.  While playing floor hockey with brothers and new friends for the first time, cruel remarks were made among he new friends about my mistakes and poor eyesight.  After the game, the brothers made sure that I wasn’t offended by those remarks. They also told me to report any offensive remarks to them because they’ve got my back.  I learned that brotherly love overrides competition.  Not only did they let me play while knowing that I have poor eyesight, but they wanted me to know that I’m accepted and cared for because I’m on their team in or away from hockey.  I’ll always treasure such brotherly bonds, care, and trust.

This incident and the recent Friday night meetings reminded me to treasure every time that I see brothers and sisters, and not to treat these encounters as routine.  It also prompted me to lay aside any unpleasant past memories I may have with them because we are one family forever.