Together as a Family – Lena Yang

When I first came to The Church of God in Vancouver, the thing that I immediately noticed in the first few months was how everyone really treated you like family. Sisters would ask to hang out and contact me outside of our time at Church often, and it truly felt like gaining another family. I love that we can worship God with each other, and tell one another how our lives are going; it helped me realize more how my spiritual life and my everyday school life can merge. Through this quarantine time period, we’ve had a youth team time every weekday at 12, and I’ve honestly been enjoying it more than I thought I would. Violin is the one who leads and guides us to experience the Lord deeper in those 20 minutes, and she is able to be bold and push people my age who may be too shy or nervous, to talk and share about God in front of others. These 20 minutes everyday have really helped ground me throughout my days at home, where it can be all too easy to just lay around all day or be too lazy to draw near to God. From this time I think I have definitely been able to see the Lord more clearly, and His everyday love for me. I give thanks I can have this family to continue to encourage me, and let me be in my fullest potential for God.