Thoughts about the “To Live” Photo Exhibition – John Leung

The “To Live” photo exhibition organized by Light and Love Home impacts me a lot after visiting it earlier today. It reminds me of the tougher lives of people in developing countries compared to mine. It also depicts the emptiness and hopelessness of life at the end, and how this life cycle repeats itself throughout all generations. Alternatively, the photos on the adjacent wall hint how purposeful life can be if one so chooses it.

As a legally-blind person, I always thinks that life is tougher than others’. But the photos of people’s lives in poor countries remind me how blessed I am. They lack nurturing and dedicated parents, have to beg for food or other basic necessities, and are barred from proper schooling or the rights to pursue their dreams. Some cannot even live a proper childhood, either because of irresponsible parents or early parenthood. They are barely surviving.

The photos that depict the late years and the end of a human life affected me the most. To realize the hopelessness and emptiness after a long life journey must be disheartening. People not only gradually lose their capabilities and become frail, but they have nothing more to look forward to. The elderly can only aimlessly glance upwards or wait to die, not knowing the unforgiving eternity in hell that awaits them. And the last photo—with the loved ones burying the dead—would repeat itself one generation after another. Live cannot be this meaningless!

The photos on the adjacent wall give me hope. People cherish what little they have and dedicate themselves to help others to experience happiness. This is most possible with God in their lives, as they learn how to live purposefully and joyfully. They won’t be waiting to die when they are old because of the eternal hope that God has promised them. I am so blessed to have known God and the meaning of life! My challenges in life are minimal compared to the eternal joy that is to come.

The photo exhibition serves as an advice to live life purposefully and to avoid becoming just another insignificant person who once lived on Earth. Also, it reminds me to be thankful for my possessions, status, and life that God has given me.