“Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing” – Janice

Thank the Lord that I’ve had the chance to pursue with brothers and sisters this summer.  Through it, I can see the Lord’s great love for me and His desire to fill my spiritual needs.

My recent work schedule very miraculously has allowed me to attend the pursuing team time on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Sometimes I could only stay for a short period of time. In the beginning, I was worried I’d be disturbing the meeting by leaving early, but I really wanted to have that time with brothers and sisters to draw near to God and worship, so I went anyways.  I’ve experienced that being satisfied with His steadfast love early in the morning truly has an impact on my entire day.  My work is quite busy and stressful, but when I go before the Lord early in the morning, my spirit feels nourished and it helps me live before God throughout my day.  This was quite an obvious change in my day.

Apart from this gain, the Lord has also been opening up more of His truths to me.  I can not only understand the truth more, but I can also more deeply enjoy His love – The Lord truly knows my needs.  Recent messages on topics such as “a new creation”, “spirits set free”, “God’s principles in how He does things”, “the perfect salvation”, etc., have brought me step by step deeper into the bottom of God’s heart.  I have deeply realized that truly, “those who seek the Lord lack no good thing”.  When my spirit is filled, I find that I have strength to face other aspects of my daily life.  For example, going out to team time before work means that my day is longer and I may feel more tired, but God has helped me to still make no mistakes in my work.  I feel that pursuing with brothers and sisters gladdens my spirit and helps me enjoy every thing that I do every day. 


感謝主! 這個夏天我可以與弟兄姊妹一起追求,體會主很想滿足我心靈的需要和祂愛我的心。


此外,這段日子主更深打開祂的真理,使我不單是明白真理,而是更深進入和享受到祂的愛。主很知道我的心靈需要,透過新造的人、心靈釋放、主的法則、完美的救恩等等信息,一步步使我更深進入到祂愛的心底,深體會到「尋求耶和華的甚麼好處都不缺」。當我心靈飽足,我感受有力量面對生活的其他方面,例如我早上去追求team 然後再上班,時間長了,是會有點累和吃力,但我經歷到主的幫助,使我工作上沒有出錯。我覺得與弟兄姊妹一起追求主,使我心靈很快樂,也很享受做每一件事。