This family is my vision, my goal, my dream and my rest – Penny Ng

One Friday night’s worship about the Trinity God and God’s family really touched my heart. For this family, Abba, the Lord, the Holy Spirit paid the highest price. God is the most committed, most passionate, most expressive and most persistent in this love plan. I feel so honorable and blessed that I am living in God’s deepest desire and will right now, enjoying the abundance and blessings of the salvation so freely.
When we sang Home Sweet Home, one verse captured me deeply, that this family is my vision, my goal, my dream and my rest! My life and my actions should be striving towards this glorious goal, for God Himself demonstrated how He fully gave His all to this family as well. At the same time, I can also feel most restful and relaxed being with my beloved brothers and sisters just as God, for they all are my joy and crown. This makes me feel so happy to come to meetings, to do ministry, etc; it’s my pleasure and joy because I love this family! It’s so sweet to strive on together with the Lord to build this family of ours!

神祢心意浩大 榮耀
甚至連自己性命也擺上 受苦完成愛願
為祢心意 放下自己 全人獻上
與祢並肩作戰 同心同工