The turning point in my relationship with God – Sunshine Group

Victoria Kan
I believed in the Lord when I was very young, but my faith decreased after I entered university. In the first year of university, I told God that I needed a break. I took a six-month break and during that time, I did not talk to Him at all. I started drinking, playing mahjong, and went to karaoke a lot with friends. At first, I found it very fun and exciting. However, the more I did it, the more I felt empty. One night I cried to Him and asked Him if I can go back to Him. Gently, He replied me, ‘yes, I want you.’ The next morning, a friend from church called me and invited me back to church. His acceptance melted my heart.

Jannie Tang
One of my turning points was my decision to come to Vancouver. I had volunteered in 2006 for Summer Day Camp and heard of the needs in Vancouver. I had agreed to move there, but forgot my decision after my return to Edmonton. On my birthday of the same year, the Lord reminded me of my promise to Him. Did I remember my promise to leave my life in Edmonton, and go for Him? I reaffirmed my promise to Him and prepared to move. I moved to Vancouver in the month of March in 2007.