The turning point in my relationship with God – Pillar Group

Truman Ho
When I was younger, I didn’t like to read the Bible. When Sharon gave me a picture Bible, I got really attracted to the pictures and the war stories. So I started to read the Bible from David.

Devin Liao
In Camp, 2009, I experienced God’s love. Back then, I involved less in Church meetings, now I can enjoy more.

Heman Ho
When a brother shared a message about Revelation, I got interested and started reading the Bible myself.

Timothy Chow
When I was young, I didn’t like going to Friday night meetings, but then God told me that going to them can help me know more about Him. He convinced me to go to Friday night meetings.

Hong Yan
There was one meeting that was very memorable for me. An older brother was sharing a message very passionately. He was telling us to be serious about God again and again. He asked us if we had any plans for God. ‘What is your 5 year plan, what is your 2 year plan?’ I had never considered my own plans for God before. I had always just done what others asked me to and, for the most part, left it at that. It made me seriously think about what I was doing and whether it was worthwhile or not. I set myself a 2 year plan to go on mission trip for him. I had just started working and gave myself 2 years to save up for it. I didn’t tell anyone as I really did not know if I could do it or not. After 2 years, I really had the opportunity to go on a mission trip. I had just gotten a promotion and things were going well in my career. That message stayed in my heart and was what helped me to have the conviction to go, regardless of what consequences for my career at the time.

Stanley Chui
One year, my turning point was when I went for a missionary trip to Honduras.
At that time, I always felt what was the purpose of my being there? I can’t speak the language, my assistance was very limited. The only thing I felt I needed to do was to follow the schedule and don’t cause trouble for brothers and sisters. But one thing I enjoyed was the morning personal time. I recall in the break bread meeting, we held there, I broke into tears when we sang the song “The love song of my father’s heart.” The lyrics of “My dear child do you know, how content I’m with you….”

I felt really touched by how the Father sees me. He really is someone who comforts and understands. Though there are so many things I can improve on; so many things I am incapable of doing. The Father still sees me with a smile and great content!

Michael Ma
When I was young, I was watching a fictional movie called ‘Artificial intelligence’, where in the future, an intelligent robot was created in the image of a young child to comfort a couple who had lost their child in a coma. The child robot was eventually rejected by the couple because their actual child woke up from the coma, which lead to the child robot longing to be cared for, searching for love in the wilderness, but could not find it. It was not until hundreds and thousands of years later that he was able to find comfort and care. Through this fictional story, I find that in my life I don’t want to be left alone. I want an eternal, everlasting love relationship, and in the vastness of time and space I thought of how lonely eternity would be without God. I treasure the promises God have made for me through the Bible, that He chose me when He planned this universe (Ephesians 1:11-12). He is the complete expression of Love (1 John 4:16). I treasure God’s love that no one else in the universe can even compare to it.