The turning point in my relationship with God – Mighty Men Group

Johnny Chiu
When I was in my teenage years, I wanted to enjoy the fun from the world and my heart towards God faded. My mind was filled with TV shows, celebrities, pop songs … etc. Many years after, I returned to Church again after I came to Canada, and I was encouraged to communicate with God personally. I never felt that I would have the privilege to draw close to God, as in school we were always told that we got influenced by the world and we were no good and God disliked us. However, when I learned more about the biblical truth, I knew my value in God’s heart, and I found that I could feel what He wanted to say to me whenever I faced Him alone. Now I treasure my fellowship with Him more than any worldly thing that I used to treasure.

John Leung
A couple years ago, there was a message about how our efforts on Earth will affect our eternity, that we are created to love God and to fulfill His purpose. Before this, I would only ask God to bless and guide my life, and I’d demand why if things didn’t go my way. Since then, I have learned to ask God how I can contribute to His plan and purpose. It was no longer what God will do for me, but what I can do for Him.

Elvis Hui
A turning point in my life was when I experienced his personal love to me.

Eric Lee
When I experienced God in worship and He answered my prayers. I felt His mercy and forgiveness. Most importantly, that He loves me. When I went on mission trips. When I follow His will, I experience Him answering my prayers. When I first believed, I made a decision I would not be someone who would preach the gospel. But as I experienced His love more and realized how He was changing me, I had a burden to share His love to people around me. I had wanted to share my testimony with friends at my birthday party. Leading up to the day, I prayed to God often to give me strength because I was so nervous. Because I wanted to do something for Him, it led me to talk to Him more and experience more Him giving me peace and encouragement. I understood when I do His will, I can experience Him even more deeply.

Stephen Choi
In early 2011, I had already been searching for jobs for over half a year and was considering if I should involve in real estate investment. One time, after I saw the mentor, the Lord used many bible verses to tell me not to go that way. I had never been reminded so intensively in my life in one single decision. Then I called the mentor and said I would not go for this path. Also, I gave the Lord a deadline (my birthday is on February 23) to provide me a job. The Lord has His perfect timing. On Valentine’s Day, I got the notice to have an interview and my first day of work was on February 22!

Thomas Chuah
My turning point was when I made a decision to take my personal relationship with God more seriously. I decided that I wanted to dedicate time to God every day, talking to Him, singing to Him and reading the Bible. The result was I began to truly understand what God’s personal love meant. I started knowing God not only on a factual level, but on a personal level.

Mark Wong
My turning point was on the day I was baptized. When I proclaimed at the lake shore that I will follow God, I decided to make a change in my direction and to follow God.

Jason Chan
I experienced a turning point in one of my summer holidays. In Grade 9, my spirit was not good in that year. I just joined one meeting per week. When the summer holiday started, I remembered that one brother called me one day. He invited me to join the prayer meeting. I said yes, because I felt I had nothing to do at home. After I joined that meeting, I felt so good. Then I tried to join more meetings in that summer. After the summer holiday, I changed. I loved to join meetings and loved to stay with brothers and sisters. I involved more in this family. Because of this experience, it helped me to build-up a good foundation in Him.