The turning point in my relationship with God – Alpha Group

Jenny Lee
At the time when I just graduated from university, I had no idea what I was going to do. So before that, I already planned myself a graduation trip to go volunteering in Cape Town and delayed my planning of what I will need to do afterwards. While I was on the trip, I thought I could relax, but as the days to go back to Vancouver were approaching, I became more stressed. Facing the fact that I had no idea what kind of job to get, I was in debt from student loans and I always had a thought that my parents expected me to start taking care of the family once I have a job, I was pretty stressed. I was afraid to face all these and didn’t want to go back to Vancouver. God is gracious and really knows all my needs. Since I was away from home, I felt like I entered a time capsule in Cape Town. I had time to draw close to God and He taught me how to rely on Him. When I decided to rely on Him, I felt His closeness and my heart was settled. I initially didn’t think highly about my trip to Cape Town, but when I looked back about the timing and the experiences in this trip, it was really God’s love plan to prepare me to face my new stage in life. When I returned to Vancouver, I continued keeping God close to me. I shared with my parents about my experience in Cape Town. When they asked, I eventually opened up to them about my stress. In my family, we don’t express much to each other. For my personality, I would rarely take the initiative to express my feelings, if I was not asked about them. My parents were surprisingly understanding and later on even paid off my student loans for me. After only applying for 2-3 jobs, I received a job offer in less than 2 weeks. He really prepared my heart and prepared the best for me.

Wai Ying Chau
I grew up with a mother that constantly sought in how to do things better and more efficiently. I remember her telling me once, “Once you start doing something, ask yourself how you can do this better and more efficiently.” Through the years, I’ve almost always felt I can never be perfect and am never good enough. Even after becoming a Christian, I felt constant accusations that I was still a sinner, even though I knew that God has forgiven me.

When I experienced what it meant by being a new creation, I understood more my real identity before God. I realized that once I believed in God, He has cleansed all my sins. I was no longer a sinner. The Lord is my Savior and forever is my Savior. He has forgiven my sins once and forever.

Siu Ling Lam
I experienced a turning point in my life around 1 year after I believed in God. I joined a special church gathering for about a week and learn about God’s love will and about eternity. I felt like I have a new direction in life. I realized that I’m part of God’s great grand plan. I can choose to be involved in God’s plan to make my everyday living a great influence in eternity. I also see that I’m not alone in striving for God and eternity. I have God’s family and many brothers & sisters all over the world to accompany me and accomplish God’s glorious will together.

Katy Lee Law
My biggest turning point was when I first believed in God. Before God, I was depressed and contemplated suicide. I had a lot of resentment and even hatred in my heart. I didn’t feel I had any reason to continue living. But meeting God and the Church made all that melt away. I wanted to live, and I felt loved and cared for.