The right mindset! – Thomas Chuah (Alpha)

I’ve been inspired by recent meetings around the screen addiction rehab program. The essence is to help young brothers and sisters return to their first love for the Lord. But I was also reminded to restore my own first love.

When I reflected, I realized that my first love had been slipping away from me. During the pandemic I had kept myself very involved in ministry as well as in meetings. I had also been careful to maintain spiritual discipline for the most part. And in the past, I felt that that should be enough to satisfy the Lord. But when I looked deeper at myself, I realized that I was sometimes doing these things out of a sense of responsibility. I would forget to focus on the person who I was doing this for – the Lord Himself. And as a result I wasn’t as joyful as I would have liked.

Now I’d like to return to my first love. How will I do it? I don’t have all the answers yet, but I do want to adjust a few things. One is having the right mindset before I join different meetings or cell groups. It’s the same mindset I want to have before I draw near to Him, too. That mindset is – I am here for You because I love You, and I want to experience You. I want this attitude to be from my heart.