The power of the preset – Thomas Chuah

2019 September 1-15

I’ve experienced a recent breakthrough from presetting my mind.

I may not always have great feelings towards going to meetings or performing certain kinds of ministry. This may be an effect of the flesh. In the past, I would simply dwell on those negative feelings and let it affect me. This would compromise my enjoyment of worship and the time spent on brothers and sisters.

Now, regardless of my feelings, I help myself by presetting; that is, to have the right mindset before I do the things mentioned earlier. There are different measures that I take. Before going to meetings or having personal time, I remind myself that I am doing this for the Lord and that I want to experience Him. I am here to give my love response to Him. In the case of phone prayers, I remind myself that I am doing it to love this brother. There are other examples as well.

The result? The feelings may not have changed much. But the biggest help is that I am turning my mind away from those negative thoughts. Instead, my mind is more focused on the truth now, and the right way of thinking. This helps my focus to be more on God. I am doing things with a more correct attitude now.