The Path of Deeply Experiencing God – Worship

Give thanks to God for leading the Church to walk on the path of deeply experiencing Him always.  We have various arrangements throughout the week to help brothers and sisters enjoy the essence of worship.  There are morning pursuit teams on Mondays and Fridays, and Wednesday Chinese morning team.  On top of these, there is always a fair amount of worship time together on Wednesday church prayer meeting and the whole-church meeting on Friday evenings, and Sunday meetings.

Besides these arrangements, every group purposely arrange and design worships during partner-time and team-times according to the needs and conditions of brothers and sisters. Besides having fellowships in their usual phone contacts, brothers and sisters even include worship, hymnal singing, and draw near to God together.  Not only their spirits are nourished and filled, but this also satisfy the Lord’s heart.

We hope that from young to old, we are all keen on worship.  We need to hold fast to the key to bring the entire church to deeply experience God.  This is also what God desires the most.

Through what they have learned and experienced during worship, brothers and sisters have given us much inspirations:

Assunta: The key decisions in her life, such as to walk on the path of serving God full-time, came from her love responses to Him after feeling so much surrounded and captivated by His love while worshiping together in a meeting.

Ida: Gains precise, true and sound value judgement for life .

Tuhien: When we worship together, we see light in His light; spiritual eyes gradually opened, concepts are renewed, put off or overcame habits that hindered us from deeply experiencing God.  In worship, we also understand one another better, which facilitates us to be able to remind and support each other, so that we may be closely united.

Sun: His spirit is greatly uplifted through visualizing and realizing more of the truth.  We truly have deep fellowship together in worship when we all pour out our hearts to God, so that our hearts are knitted together.

深深經歷神的道路 – 敬拜
感謝神, 在一週內,全教會有不同的安排,協助弟兄姊妹能多次享受敬拜的好處 ;有週一 、五早上team,週三中文team, 星期三晚祈禱會, 星期五晚全教會追求 及主日聚會等,都有一同敬拜的時光。除此之外, 各團組也因應弟兄姊妹需要及情況, 靈活地安排及設計在同伴時光或小組相聚中有敬拜的時間;連弟兄姊妹 平常的電話相交聨絡,也加插敬拜、唱詩,一同到主面前,不單心靈得滋潤供應,更是滿足主的心。

我們盼望不同年紀, 兒童到長者都重視敬拜; 我們很要把握這龥匙, 帶全教會進入深深經歷神,這是神很渴望得到的。弟兄姊妹在敬拜中的體會和學習給我們很多的啟發:


Ida: 在敬拜中,有一個更正確的價值觀。

Tuhien: 一同敬拜,在主的光中被變化,逐漸開眼、觀念更新、脱去或勝過一些影嚮自己深經歷神的慣性 。在敬拜中,彼此更了解,更能彼此提醒、幫助,使我們更能合一。