The Love of Christ Connects Us All – Katy Lee Law 

The ones who impressed me the most in the India/Nepal special meeting was the Delhi Team.  Even though they didn’t actually speak much, their ministry spoke volumes about their love for God and brothers and sisters. In the past month, I feel like I’ve gotten to know them better and I love them more. Every Indian brother or sister who shared basically mentioned them. They are doing so, so much for the Lord. They are influencing hundreds and soon thousands! How glorious!
When I was driving home from the meeting and thinking of them, I felt that I was getting a taste of the Stage of Christ. Up until this month, I knew nothing about these brothers and sisters and what they had been doing for this family. I was touched to tears thinking of how, one by one, all of our love for God and what we have done out of love for Him will one day be revealed. How much more we will love each other after that!
It doesn’t matter that I’ve never met the Bulbul or Bishuajit or Bipin in person before or that I may never even speak to them directly in this life, I already love and appreciate them so much in my heart. The love of Christ truly connects us all.  After the phone sing and the special meetings, I understand much more what the global unity means. God’s heart is so melted by this beautiful scene.  I cannot wait for the perfect unity we will experience in heaven!