The Lord’s Response and Comfort – Jessica Lu

The Lord really cares about us the most, and he listens to us whenever we talk to Him. Today I experienced Him and His glory again when he answered my prayers. Moving is such a stressful and frustrating event for my whole family that every single family member yelled at one another. Today was so bad that my dad was yelling very loudly and swearing at my grandma, who is stubborn and kind of a hoarder; she doesn’t listen to others and wants things done her way. Almost the whole morning was full of yelling after yelling, and I was so upset and tired that I started to cry really hard. I didn’t know what to do until I remembered the Lord, and I asked Him for guidance to help stop the fight and for Him to calm my heart. After 10 minutes, when my dad saw my face, he quickly apologized and assured me that he wouldn’t do it again. It was a miracle, as he is somewhat an alpha male who doesn’t like to apologize or admit his wrong doings. I was so grateful that the Lord answered my prayers so quickly. It is true: when we rely on Him and have faith in Him, He will always answer our prayers.