The Lord trains me at work – Jenny Lee

I have been working in the same company over 2 years and I believe it is God’s grace for me to be working there.

I was able to practice speaking Mandarin as most of our clients are Chinese speaking. My improvement allows me to start communicating with sisters and new friends that are Mandarin speakers, so I’m grateful for that! Though I still need more practice to be fluent, I feel much more confident to speak this language now.

In the accounting firm where I’m working at, it has a great difference of workload between tax season and off seasons. It’s crazy busy for 3 months during peak season, then the rest of the year is very chill. I’m typically slow in accepting to sudden changes in the environment, so even though I already knew what’s coming, I believe it will still be a challenge for me to adjust quickly. I thought of quitting this job for this reason, but I see the benefits of it as well. I find that my multi-tasking skills and time management (those are my weaker areas) have improved because of it. And I am able to have my own self pursuit in the office right now since it doesn’t require 100% of my focus to finish my work. I find the easy-going days at work is a great opportunity for me to equip, exercise and strenghten my faith. Even when I face any challenges, I will be able to take out what I learned to help myself stay in a correct mindset. I treasure this special training ground the Lord especially designed and prepared for me. At first, I think of my job as any normal job. I have complained before that either it’s too busy or too boring. Those were the days that I get a lot of “I don’t feel like going to work”. But seeing how the environment was made for me to grow skillfully and spiritually, I have learned to give thanks, look forward to every day, and enjoy what the Lord has prepared for me.