The Lord Shed His Precious Blood for Me – Hanae Miura

In this week I have been meditating about the Lord redeeming me with His precious blood. I am redeemed and forgiven of all of my sins by the Lord’s precious blood, and by His blood I am able to go before God with full acceptance. This truth helped me especially on days when I made mistakes. I was able to overcome the “shadows” with this truth and go back to God. This redemption is also according to the richness of His grace. When I meditated on the richness of God’s grace, I was amazed. More than sins forgiven, I have been united with the Lord forever. In this union, my identity has been uplifted. My spirit has been born of the Heavenly Father and I have become co-heirs with the Lord forever. Using the truth of the Lord redeeming me with his precious blood and seeing how great His grace is toward me helped me to overcome “shadows” and accusations, and I go back to God so that I can continue to joyfully live my life close to Him and strive for Him!