The Lord became poor for me – Tuhien

On Dec 11, I felt the strong presence of God in the break bread meeting. When many b/s were able to focus and respond to God through the guided sharing of how the Lord went through poverty for us, we experienced the Lord’s glory. During the sharing time, many b/s shared how they were touched by the worship. This is what I gained:  

From heavenly riches, the Lord came to the earth

He was born in a manger. It was not His choice of birth setting

They did not give a room to a pregnant woman

Who was on a long journey

The world was cold and full of selfishness

They did not offer a place for Him to lay His head

It was man’s response and the world’s injustice

Yet He graciously accepted the conditions

He was humble and lived in poverty

He accepted the pain and suffering

Bravely faced death on the cross

To save us from our sin

To bring us to God

What a committed Saviour!

What a glorious Saviour!