The Lord as a humble example – Fergus Wong

August 18, 2015

A few Wednesdays ago, we read the final chapter of 1 Peter.

I reconsidered what it means to be truly humble. I thought I am a very humble person even before I believe in the Lord. I shy away from public recognition. I rarely boast and I lay myself low. But after I read the passage, it changed how think about humility.

This chapter directly addresses the elders and younger believers. It is Peter who encouraged younger ones to be humble before the Lord. Yet when I look deeper into the advice for elders, I see the same principles behind. Not leading for dishonest gains, or lordship over younger ones, but to lead by example and with the aim of glorifying the eternal God. Humility means to submit myself to God. To set Him as a priority over my own ways; to trust and to have faith in His promises. So I no longer think that talkative brother/sisters are not humble, because now I know that doesn’t mean keeping quiet and reserved. But rather the extent he/she would submit to the guidance of God.