The kingdom of peace – Kerry Ko

When I read the news about what’s happening in the Middle East, I thought about the eternal kingdom of God. That is undoubtedly the most peaceful kingdom that man can ever dream of as it is He who rules all. In this world, many rulers and kings want to rule over things and people, but they can’t. They have their authority, but they lack real power and strength to keep all things under their control and protect their people. They do not know everything. But God is above all. Nobody can do anything without His permission. He rules over all men and spirits. No one can override His power and authority.

Everyone in the Kingdom of God is the most blessed. He is all knowing and He is the fountain of love. He has the capacity to love everyone personally. Nobody is insignificant to Him. How He treasured the time dining with Zacheus, I believe He will do the same thing in heaven. We don’t need to occupy the whole city or go on strike; He always takes His time to listen to us. He provides solutions and He molds us to be more complete. God and men have the deepest fellowship with each other. Love overflows from God and men’s heart. Everywhere will be full of admiration, thanksgiving, appreciation, love and peace.