The Infinite One – Frankie Ng

Aug 9, 2015
Recently, I gain more understanding of God’s infiniteness. I thought about how He is truly everywhere I go, and that He has control over every single element of everything, down to the atomic level. Everything I see, He can easily reform it, yet He doesn’t disrupt anything, but subtly controls things and gives man the free will to live. He has knowledge of all things. He sees thousands of years like seconds, yet each day can also last for thousands of years. He can read minds and see the hearts of many. When I think how He can see people’s hearts, I feel that He has mixed emotions – joyful because of our pure hearts to Him and sad because of how wicked and despair people’s hearts are, yet hopeful cause He is so patient and powerful. He has superb memory and can recall every single little details of my whole life, especially my moments with Him. When I can see the infinite Him much more clearly, I feel His might and power, and His love and gentleness at the same time. Knowing that the infinite Him is for me and attends to me, my heart feels more settled. He is indeed my most real beloved.