The Glorious Lord of Life – Margaret Huang

I wanted to share my gains through a song that I learned recently: “The Glorious Lord of Life”. One day I was taking a rest on the couch after I have played with my son, fed him, changed his diaper and finally put him down for a nap, I felt so “dead”. I was functioning fine physically but spiritually and even mentally I was not. I felt so drained with all the daily routines of the baby and so trapped because I wasn’t able to take my baby out myself. And the worst of all, I have been missing many meetings. And when I could finally make it to a meeting, I am was always late. And of course during the meeting I wouldn’t be able to enjoy much because I was constantly feeling bad about being so late. All these feelings were quite unbearable and I felt like I have been left behind by God; and He was no longer blessing me due to my incompetence. But I was too weak to do anything.

Thankfully God is merciful. I found this song randomly in our group Dropbox. I started listening to it and instantly I was touched to tears. His presence was so great that all my negative feelings were gone. I felt like He was pouring His love onto me and embracing me to His bosom. He said to me His love has never, and will never, leave me. I’m forever in His love. And in His love, I have hope. I don’t need to worry about my weaknesses because God loves me. My heart is content in His overflowing love. I may be still unable to attend as many meetings as I wanted due to my physical limitations but I have hope in Him. How glorious! And His love is always here to carry me through. How amazing! I truly give thanks to the Lord for appearing to me so that I can regain strength to march forward again with joy and purpose. His appearing truly melted my heart and made me feel so loved and cared for by Him.