The global unity that glorifies God greatly! – Tuhien

Thanks to God for His special presence and confirmation in the English Coworkers Camp 2015. Seeing so many brothers and sisters from different nations and countries (Myanmar, India, Nepal, Madagascar, Zambia, PR Congo, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, UK and North America) worshiping Abba and the Lord, and walking in the everlasting way, I was deeply encouraged and more confirmed to trust in the commission and walk in the everlasting way!

During worship and break bread meeting, I felt that all brothers and sisters were united. Even though the brothers from Raghestan prayed in Hindi, which was then translated to English, I really experienced that all of us were drawn by the same Lord and Abba with the same truth and understanding. Day by day, through messages and team time, we were closer and closer to the Lord and to each other though we could not fluently communicate to each other in English. 

I also was impressed by the arrangements of the camp. There was a balance of messages, team time, breaks and even family time. This design helped my team and me to walk out the unity even more. It’s very difficult to keep unity in the world. But with the Lord and truth, I witnessed that it’s very possible and feasible. I remembered Violin shared that the global unity really glorify God most and when we practice the truth of unity, we can walk out all other truths, thus keeping all that God wants. The Lord opens my eyes to see that my every day’s practice of the everlasting way is really my part to work towards the global unity. When I’m closer to God, I will love the church more and I will be closer to the church. I am even more motivated to improve my personal time with Abba and the Lord and to walk with God throughout the day!

I also give thanks for brother Daniel Yu. All these years, his messages bring us closer to God and God’s will. His passion and love for God and the church are my examples to follow. I was surprised that in the camp, it was the first time for many brothers and sisters (like Shanta, Fanje, and the Philippino bros/sis) to meet brother Yu. Their excitement and admiration towards him made me realize that I should not take him for granted. He is very close to God and loves the Church so much. I really give thanks to God that He has given brother Yu to this movement. I need to learn more from his message and his life.  

I was also thankful for my team of young leaders from U.S., Singapore, Philippines and Vancouver. Initially, I was not sure what to do with the team time, especially when the three Philippine sisters could not make it to the camp. As I asked the Lord for guidance again and again, and with confirmation from my team members, it became more clear. He guided us to practice what my group was practicing in Vancouver: setting the Lord and the truth before us always. We experienced the Lord more and more throughout the day (not just during the meeting time). I felt that I was close to the Lord throughout the day, and He was helping me in leading and pursuing with the bro/sis in my group. I gained a lot in the camp as I was able to apply the truths in my daily life.  Also, I was more focus in what I needed to do for my group. In the past, during camps, I would talk to many bro/sis I knew and I would message and email bro/sis in Vancouver, but this time in HK, I was really focused and hardly messaged Vancouver bro/sis. I became more skillful in leading my group. My team members shared they gain a lot from the team time.

Thanks to God for answering the prayers of the church! All my improvement and gains are for the ultimate goal to build the church and bless more people!