The Father’s Love – Michael Li

Recently, I have been in awe when my son looks at me and smiles at me. I remember at the beginning, he did not like me and when I held him, he would always cry. I tried to figure out what was wrong. I was reminded that I should not only hold him when I try to put him to sleep but I should make an effort to play with him and spend time with him. After the reminder I really made an effort to do so, and my son now likes me very much and always smiles at me.

Through this I realize the Father’s love more. Although sometimes I may get tired, and because of my limitations, I cannot satisfy my son’s needs, the heavenly Father is so infinite. He has no limitations in loving me. Just how my son has captured my heart with his smile, the heavenly Father also longs for the same from me. I felt touched that He will not get tired of taking care of me, and He always longs to gaze at me and to spend infinite time with me. This is really the heart of a true Father.