The best decision I have made! – Jessica Lu, Grade 12

Choosing the path of the Lord is THE best decision I have made and believing in Him has brought me nothing but greatness and a family. This family, God’s family, has become a cherished treasure and something worth dying for. Without their willingness and love to guide me with patience and care, I wouldn’t have been able to become this far in life and made the choices I have made to get here. I am blessed to have been able to have met each and every single one of those individual. But the greatness doesn’t stop here! Oh No, there is FAR more good things! But let’s start with a short and sweet talk down my life’s path. So as a kid I was very cute and chubby but don’t let that face deceive you as I have done many bad things. I have stolen from my mother to buy chocolate bars from the corner store ( Oh those darn good Aero bars) and have fought constantly with my sisters. Lying also became one of my “skills” if you call it, because everyday I said lies after lies to cover up the bad things I have done and my chocolate addiction.

As, a teenager I was sort of better but I was still lying and fighting with my sisters. It’s typical to fight with siblings but because I am a middle child and a twin, fighting becomes much worse and has always been our first resort. Everything becomes a competition with my twin and we never back down from a fight. We constantly bicker and my older sister gets dragged into it, which makes it much worse. It was so horrible to the point where in my old house there’s that big hole in the wall. Let’s just say Kimchi blew her top.

Then everything started to die down when we went back to church. We started to believe and follow the Lord’s path and as God’s children, we changed for the better. The Lord now becomes the first resort when we argue and it is easier to piece together and strengthen our sister bonds. The more I get to know the Lord, the more I feel His presence and love for me. And I really am grateful and touched for Him going through all that immeasurable pain and grief so that we won’t feel as much or as minimal as possible. Don’t get me wrong, we all have felt pain, but not as great as His. I am happy to have been brought back to God’s family and I am blessed for everything.