Thank you, Mighty Team – John Leung (Forest)

My heart is full of thanksgiving as I changed from the Mighty Team to the Forest group after some restructuring of the Marine Team groups.

I didn’t feel “mighty” at all when I first joined the Mighty Men, which was formed in 2013. It was because I was emotionally and spiritually weak. I felt like I was on spiritual life support because I couldn’t pluck out the negative thoughts and feelings that I had. Brothers and sisters rescued me through personal talks and church meetings, especially the series about standing on undefeated ground, where I learned how to overcome negativity. Even so, it hasn’t been easy.

Violin’s recent Wednesday messages made me realize that I still have lots of negative thoughts to pluck out and be replaced with the Biblical truths, I couldn’t voice out positive and truthful phrases like “I’m useful!” or “I’m a blessing to many!” during the practice because my roots of negativity are too deep to uproot. When I realized my situation, I avoided negative reactions and prayed for God’s help.

My biggest hurdle is to accept my current life stage without comparisons and to faithfully rely on God’s guidance, so that I will bear good testimony before my family and friends. I aim to follow Jesus’ example of praying to God when handling tough situations, so that I will improve more to do God’s work.

Despite my flaws, I felt “mightier” as God has used me through helping out in the English classes and joining the senior home visits this year. I thank both God and the Mighty Team for years of nurturing, patience, and encouragement. As I join the Forest group, I know that I’m not an insignificant “tree” in the vast forest, but one of many outstanding trees that will continue to grow and bear fruits.