Thank you, brothers and sisters! – John Leung (Mighty Team)

I want to thank brothers and sisters–especially the Mighty Team–for their prayers and
support for the past few weeks.

I fell and bruised my kneecap in early February, and I’m still recovering from other conditions that affected both of my knees. I have received their love and care during this time: prayers, messages of encouragement, personal follow-ups, home visits, lunch deliveries, car rides to and from Marine Drive, getting or carrying items for me, and reminders to ask for others to pray for me. The last one was difficult because I don’t like to burden others, but recent Friday night messages reminded me to receive and ask brothers and sisters for help because we are one family.

Recent messages from Abby about overcoming the enemies and from Violin about having a heavenly mindset were helpful. Because my injuries have reduced my mobility, I felt useless. Sometimes the negative feelings were so strong that I would curse at myself before God. However, these messages encouraged me to look forward by faith in God instead of letting the enemies attack me. I need to be positive and grateful for my current situation.