Ten years ago… – Teny Li, Grade 12

Ten years ago, I was a grade two student who was mischievous, emotional, spoiled and shy. For example, during a parent-teacher conference my teacher described my lagging progress to my mom and it made me cry really hard. To cease my tears, my teacher went to the book store to buy me a toy of my favorite cartoon character at the time, Clifford.

I also had deep hatred towards certain people I labeled as my “enemies”. I would gossip and tease them with other people to satisfy my hatred. But going to church gradually taught me how to pray and walk with God. Through this, it gave me strength to conquer my problems step by step, because it’s God Himself who strengthens me. Not only that, but it made it easier for me to love my enemies. I am not perfect as I do fail at times, but when I turn to God, I can rise up again and succeed. Now I become a coworker helping the high school brothers and sisters. God really changed me.