Taking up my shield of faith and shouting for joy – John Leung (Mighty Team)

I’ve been practicing taking up my shield of faith and shouting for joy after Violin’s recent Wednesday message about overcoming the enemies throughout the day. Before, I’d shout for joy only when watching sports, but it was challenging to do so as a spiritual practice. I was either too nervous to practice, or that I needed many reminders during “shout for joy” time on Mondays because of lack of daily practice.

Negative feelings consumed me after I sprained my ankle a couple weeks ago, just like when I had my knee injuries earlier this year. However, a sister’s sharing about the Wednesday night meeting reminded me to pick up my shield and shout for joy. I said to the Lord, “Lord, You’ll heal me!” I felt more at ease afterwards.

Some brothers and I also practiced shouting for joy during our weekday lunchtime Zoom worship. After proclaiming Jesus’ victory on the cross and His blessings in our lives, I felt strengthened and encouraged because I had set the truths before me. I realized that shouting for joy isn’t that hard after all.