Take up the task and don’t delay to do it! – Katy Law

In the North American camp, Violin shared about the first and second journey of our movement. I admired how brothers and sisters had the true heart and desire for the Lord in the first journey and set their priority on the Lord. I treasure that in the second journey God gave us the everlasting way and finishing way to have a sure way to finish His will. Yet, at the end, I do not just want to admire or treasure, I need to DO IT.

I feel blessed to be in Vancouver, and after this camp, I feel that I need to take up the task even more. Somehow, I feel that I am faced with another comfort zone that I have to get out of, because in order to upgrade, I need to face my weaknesses and be brave to take up more. The first generation brothers and sisters have taken up a lot for the Lord. I also want my generation to be a glorious team to be used by Him in this age. I do not want to delay, I should be true to respond to His calling. After the camp, I felt motivated to go back to the basics and fix my foundation with discipline so that I can walk on the everlasting way more completely. I woke up earlier and rearranged my time in the morning so that I could more leisurely enjoy the precious prayers and immerse myself into His love. I feel more focused in my spiritual life and ministry.