Take up the Task! – Amy Deng

Going into the camp, I had great expectations for myself, as I really desired for the Lord to confirm the commission in my heart once again, and to revive my spirit. During those two and a half days, I felt the Lord’s nearness and great presence in each meeting. Although I had heard most of the messages before, it seemed that many things were more clear and concrete in my heart due to the work of the Holy Spirit. The two main points that I gained during the camp were:

1. This commission is a personal love calling of God. Just because I attend meetings in this church does not mean that I have taken up the commission. I need to make the conscious decision of taking up the task from the Lord, and be willing to pay the price of taking up this commission. This means being skillful in walking out all the essence of what we had gained in Stage 1 and Stage 2 of this movement. I really need to be more diligent to draw near to God and deeply enter into worship every day! This will continually renew and transform my spirit and whole person to be more in condition to love God and people.

2. The needs of the world are truly great, and I am very blessed to be able to pursue in Vancouver. When I came to Vancouver four years ago, I felt that I had paid a great price to pursue the Lord: leaving behind my family, career, familiar brothers and sisters and friends. However over the course of these four years, I felt my eagerness to pursue with brothers and sisters dim. It almost seems like I felt I had already gained just by being in Vancouver. However, just because I am physically in a place with many pure-hearted brothers and sisters doesn’t automatically mean that I am “pursuing together” with them and gaining all the benefits. I really must involve myself fully. I still need to make an effort, take initiative and practice diligently. If I do not treasure to practice and walk on the everlasting way with brothers and sisters here, how can I be ready to meet the needs of those waiting around the world? Many have the heart, but no way or no coach to show them the essence of this everlasting way.

The highlight was the worship on the last day of camp. Through the worship, the Lord greatly comforted and encouraged my heart to be bold for Him. No matter what the challenges are ahead in taking up this commission, He will carry me through life; and the Lord is worthy for me to lay down all to love Him wholeheartedly. This gain has been motivating me to plan my days more carefully, and to do the most important things first every day!