Take up the Commission Now—No More Delay! – Blue Ngo

The English camp is the Lord’s valentine’s gift to me. I prayed earnestly to God before the camp and asked God to renew my vision and spirit; He answered my prayers with His presence and His words. I was deeply touched in the first meeting when Violin shared how God commissioned each of us and how people responded differently to His calling in the past history. She also shared how our church overcame all the hurdles to restore the truths that were lost in past generations. The information was not new to me, but I experienced the work of the Holy Spirit. I felt that I need to rise up, and it’s time to take up the task now. I should not delay anymore, as I do not know how much more time I still have to do God’s will. I should take this commission seriously and live out my life corresponding to His calling. I have experienced revival in my spirit but this time, I have more determination to walk out the Lord’s commission fully and have the courage to bring brothers and sisters to live it out as well. Now I am not afraid to take reminders or remind others when pursuing together, as I know what we are doing is according to His will and I want to be well equipped for this movement.

I was also touched during worship how brothers and sisters respond to His calling. Seeing brothers and sisters from first stage getting older and having more grey hair, how can I delay myself? I have the responsibility for this movement because I love Him and this family. I should not let older brothers and sisters walk alone. Instead, I need to involve myself fully and bring brothers and sisters to do the same. I don’t want to grieve God. I don’t want God to see myself and others waste any more years…we have all the precious truths and the everlasting way. So we should cherish them and pass them on (especially in North America!). Many sisters in my group experienced the same. We will strive together and pursue together to take up this commission. He will bring a great revival among the English-speaking brothers and sisters in Vancouver and North America!