Stronger after training – Penny Ng

I give thanks to God in the past year of maternity leave, the Lord has trained my spiritual discipline. When I was in the home environment with my son, my mind could go loose easily, as I had to attend to my son, yet the tasks did not require my complete focus (similar to doing house chores). I learned to catch those moments and to remind myself to turn to God and behold Him from time to time.

Now that I am back to work, I realize how this spiritual practice has helped me to be closer to God than before. At work I have a lot more gap time and anchor points than at home, such as driving, walking from my car to work, going to the washroom, getting water, just finished a task, or even in work meetings that do not require my full attention! These are great moments that I can give the Lord a smile and stay before Him even for a short while. I wasn’t able to actively use these anchor points at work before, but after a year of training at home, I became more active and skillful to focus on God even for a brief moment.

It is so sweet to live in love with God throughout the day. Thank God that with Him, I can embrace all challenges and environment as all things are training me to be even more glorious!