Strength upon strength – Michael Li

Recently, we celebrated our 50th anniversary for this movement. My heart was very touched. I reflected back to the time when I first believed in God. The brothers and sisters from Hong Kong laid down all things to go overseas to preach the gospel. If it wasn’t for their love for God and them going overseas, I would not have a chance to believe in Him. I treasure I have a part in this movement. The Lord is very gracious to me. The Lord’s presence is very great among us. I treasure we have the truth and the way to be close to Him. In recently years when I learned how to worship Abba and the Lord, walk out the sweet daily living and meditate on the truth, I experienced Him deeply. In the past, I wanted to pray to Him, but did not know what to pray. Now with the Everlasting Way, I really experience the joy and arrangement of how to live my day with God. When I experienced Him more, I have strength and am motivated to do more for Him. I want His will to be done!