Stay tuned for more good thoughts – Victoria Kan

I really enjoy Wednesday cell group when we come together and read “Union with the Lord”(Chapter 2). In the chapter, it mentioned two channels that we encounter everyday. The dark channel hosted by Satan and the light and love channel hosted by God. Every morning Satan would try to be the first to put negative thoughts, like worries, fears, accusations, to make us feel depress and not worthy of God’s love. Before I would be a victim of this. I would only say “Lord, I love you” after I get ready for the day but Satan already used the time in between to present negative thoughts which would drag my mind and weaken my spirit. This made it harder to for me to draw near to God, and I would take longer time to focus in worship. From this chapter, I was reminded to tune into the light and love channel first thing in the morning. Basically the moment I opened my eyes, I say “Lord, I love you.” This helped me to set my mind right and place the Lord before me. My day becomes more strengthened.