Sleeping Early Club – Tuhien Trieu

In the past few weeks, I have been quite successful to help myself and some brothers and sisters to sleep early. I would pray about it and consider the factors that would help me. I thought about when I’m on missionary trip, I was able to do it because there were good influences around me. But in Vancouver, it’s such a busy lifestyle with many responsibilities. I found there were also bro/sis who want to sleep early. So I started to text the brother and sisters who also want to sleep early that I’m going to sleep. Most of the time, I was successful to sleep by 11pm. When I sleep early, I can wake up early, have energy and more time to draw near to God in the morning. I have time to eat breakfast and enjoy personal time with the Lord. I even have time to pray for my ministry and experience the fruits. I found that my day was more productive and joyful. Pursuing with bro/sis is so helpful and powerful! We can help each other to achieve our goals with the blessings of the Lord!