Singapore Visit – Tuhien Trieu

I give thanks to God that I could go to visit the English fellowship in Singapore. We spend time daily to have team time with the brothers and sisters from the youth group. What we taught them were simple reminders to experience God in our personal time(like focus, behold and voice out in prayers). I was encouraged that when they took the action, they experience God. Even a young brother felt so free to voice out in the break bread meeting as he shared that he was able to focus for more than 95% of time in the meeting. It made me realize even more that I should continue to practice what I learn and continue to exercise faith.

Also, in this trip I experience God’s personal love to me. My first time to Singapore was when I entered the country as a refugee. Through the charity presentation, I was very touched that if God did not save me, I would be in distress and poverty like the children in the developing countries. Not only did He save me but bought me to Canada and even to Vancouver where I came to know Him and His heart!. He cares for my whole life! I hope more people can be blessed like me. I need to work harder for God’s will.